Timeline for Advocacy in 2019

Lobbying the Budget

Budget Cycle

The Fiscal Year runs July 1 to June 30 and is named for the year in which it ends (now in FY19). Putting it together takes a year in advance, so ADDP is lobbying for FY20 funding now. Here are key times of the budget cycle when advocates’ interactions with the Administration are most impactful.

  • Agencies make budget requests
  • Requests are sent to Secretariats for review
  • Administration & Finance, which is really Governor’s staff, review requests
  • Administration & Finance’s recommendations are sent to Governor

Additional Budget Information

  • All money bills, including budget, originate in House
  • House Ways & Means Committee analyzes the budget
  • On House side, budget follows same procedure as any bill
  • House reports out by 2nd week of May
  • The procedure in the Senate is very similar to House
  • There is no deadline for Senate report except 7/1 FY cycle date
  • Conference Committee work focuses on line items in which House and Senate versions conflict
  • Budget then sent to Governor who can veto individual line items

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