Director of Marketing - The Arc of Greater Plymouth - Plymouth, MA

The Director of Marketing will be responsible for overseeing all agency wide branding and marketing. This position will work closely with all Directors to understand departmental and organizational needs. This position will be responsible for annual reports, marketing materials, and oversee all media outlets including The Arc of Greater Plymouth’s website and all social media sites. This position will be highly involved in all fundraising efforts. This position will report to the Executive Director and will be an integral part of the executive team.

The successful candidate will have proven ability to:

  • Develop /create and maintain all organizational promotional materials including agency videos.
  • Plan and promote all agency events as assigned; attend all agency events and memorialize for use in marketing materials.
  • Work with all Department Directors to identify marketing needs; implement and oversee plans to meet identified needs.
  • Compose, design and edit all newsletters, brochures, reports, fundraising materials and other agency communications as assigned; ensure all marketing materials are current
  • Represent the agency through participation in local, regional and statewide events. Assist with planning and staffing as needed for community events.
  • Create and maintain positive and fruitful working relationships with local print, TV, radio and other media outlets; oversee all press releases.
  • Monitor and review marketing budget; maintain operational costs within annual budget parameters.
  • Ensure consistency of Brand Strategy across all departments and business units.


  • Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Communication, Business or other related field.
  • 5+ years of Marketing/PR experience required. 2 or more years of senior leadership experience required.
  • Excellent communications skills (demonstrated by your expertly written Cover Letter).
  • Current knowledge of marketing techniques & best practices.

Job Type: Full-time

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