Shelter Specialist - Per Diem - Bay Cove Human Services - Cambridge, MA

Schedule: Per diem. Typical shifts are 7a-7p, 7p-7a, 5p-11p and 7a-5p with some flexibility.

Salary: $16.15 per hour


  • The key duties of the Shelter Specialist are: Intake: Assess guests for eligibility for services at the Field House Center Complete safety check in including locking up all personal belongings in external locked storage pod Completing standardized health check for evidence of symptoms consistent w/ COVID-19 (fever, Shortness of Breath, diarrhea, dry cough, heavy pain in chest area).
  • No one with such sx is allowed entrance into the Field House Facilitate access to paramedic/EMT screening with ProAm personnel for further medical assessment and transport to local testing site Conduct safety check with electronic wand to deter weapons, check shoes, empty pockets, etc.
  • Encourage safe disposal of used needles inside Field House entrance Document guest name and DOB; ensure assignment if same bed each night to minimize potential contagion Site safety: Once a person enters the Field House, there are four main areas that require continual staff’s observation and monitoring to ensure guest wellbeing and safety: sleeping areas, bathrooms, designated outdoor space, and the indoor meal and milieu areas.
  • Staff will be designated rotating responsibilities for guest support in these areas to help people maintain social distancing, monitoring for safety in bath and shower areas, following scheduled timeframes and duties regarding helping with meals, coffee and beverage preparations, providing linens, ongoing disinfecting of all high touch area (tables, door handles, mattresses or floor mats, etc), monitoring field safe smoking in outdoor area.
  • Follow all policies regarding zero tolerance for substance use, unsafe smoking, or violence within the Field House or surrounding outdoor areas Follow protocols for lights out, quiet time and restrictions on outdoor space after designated night time.
  • Follow all directions of Cambridge Police Department staff Abide by safety procedures established by Cambridge Fire Dept Follow protocols for medical emergencies, calling 911, use Narcan as needed, proper use of defibrillator, and interim first aid and CPR Guest services: Treat all guests with respect and employ calm, clear guidance regarding Field House rules and expectations Employ non-judgemental harm reduction strategies to support guests participation: monitoring for signs of medical distress or potential overdose; use Narcan as needed; employ universal precautions specific to COVID 19 guidelines (using PPE such as masks & gloves, handwashing, social distance standards, accessing medical supports as needed) Support guests in securing basic needs for meals, accessing their medications, linens, shower and hygiene essentials, meals.
  • Observe for signs of conflict between guests and employ proactive interventions to diffuse and de-escalate crises As the service is voluntary in nature, respect guests’ self determination regarding involvement and participation in on site supports Model respectful communication and affirmative regard for people from all walks of life regardless of gender, gender identity, age, race, ethnicity, disability, faith, legal status, veteran status Ensure that guests' concerns are listened and responded to fairly and with compassion.
  • Attend to guests in a compassionate and fair manner.
  • Ensure privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times


  • Education - High School Diploma or GED Experience - Knowledge of modality specific issues, such as substance abuse or homelessness Keywords: Homelessness, Substance Abuse, Group, Addictions, Recovery, Mental Health, Counselor, Therapy, Care Coordination, Clinician, Supervision, Social Work, Psychology, Emergency Shelter Bilingual: Spanish or Haitian Creole preferred Driving License Required? No
  • Driving License Required? No


  • Excellent benefits package including health and dental insurance, 403(b) retirement plan, tuition reimbursement/remission, paid vacation & holidays, sick time pay, and employee referral bonuses.

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