March 22, 2017

Advocates Ask Legislature to Restore $2 million 9C Cut

The proposed Mass Health cut to the Adult Foster Care program, one of the least expensive and most cost effective programs in the Commonwealth, is scheduled to suffer a disruptive funding cut next month unless the Legislature reverses the cut in the pending FY 17 Supplemental Budget Bill or Mass Health reverses its decision.

The proposed cut takes AFC rates back to its 2005 rate; and furthermore results in on-site reductions of in home health, nursing and wellness checks by AFC provider agencies.  

Those in home checks, performed by AFC provider agencies are critical to preventing unnecessary and expensive emergency room visits, hospitalizations and other costly health interventions.  Advocates note the irony and contradiction in this pending Mass Health cut, noting that Mass Health has based all of its current reform efforts on increasing prevention to decrease emergency and hospitalization rates, thus the AFC cut is a direct contradiction of Mass Health's stated reform goals.

ADDP members and friends are urged to contact their Representatives and Senators to encourage the AFC cut to be overturned in the pending FY 17 Supplemental Bill and preserved for both FY17 and FY18 at the current rate.  To determine the name of your legislators click here.