FY 18 Budget Done with Some Trimming to Balance

July 10, 2017

Unsteady Revenue Produces More Cautious Budget

The FY 18 Budget Conference Committee Report, posted this morning contains some areas of trimming for most program areas across the state as legislators and the governor were challenged to operate in a fiscally uncertain environment with revenue coming into the state not consistently meeting expectations.

With regard to key DDS items, the Governor, House and Senate had been in agreement earlier in the year, thus the information below will show the latest budget action (Senate Budget) compared to the Conference Committee Report:

5920-2000 DDS Residential:

  • $1,170,331,170  (SENATE)
  • $1,164,904,714  (CONFERENCE)

5920-2025 DDS Day/Employ:

  • $205,139,405  (SENATE)
  • $202,120,152  (CONFERENCE)

5920-3000 DDS Family Supports:

  • $63,779,097  (SENATE)
  • $63,532,818  (CONFERENCE)

5920-3010 DDS Kids Autism:

  • $6,474,349  (SENATE)
  • $6,474,349  (CONFERENCE)

5920-3020 Adult Autism:

  • $13,403,338 (SENATE)
  • $13,338,362 (CONFERENCE)

5920-5000 Turning 22:

  • $24,191,670 (SENATE)
  • $23,102,218 (CONFERENCE)

On other matter, an amendment sought by supporters of Adult Foster Care to adhere to a House provision that would keep AFC rates at the July 1, 2016 level did not appear to be included in the final conference committee report.