Introducing Mario Arnauz Bonds, 2018 LEAD! Conference Keynote Speaker

November 20, 2017

Mario Arnauz Bonds

We think we fully comprehend that courage, creativity and determination are critical to our success. However, you will quickly see how much we all still have to learn about the innate power of these concepts when you hear the story of Mario Arnauz Bonds. Bonds is a multitalented motivational speaker and singer/songwriter. Made famous by NBC Universal's 2012 run of The Glee Project, season two, in which he showed the world that a person with a disability can rise to meet any challenge, Bonds enjoys entertaining and inspiring millions.

One of a set of triplets, Bonds comes from a large family of nine siblings. Born with Morning Glory Syndrome, a degenerative condition that gradually destroyed the optic nerve in both of his eyes, he was completely blind by the tender age of nine. After losing both his vision, and his parents, Bonds experienced a childhood the likes of which few of us can even imagine—suffering abuse on a number of levels, abandonment and eventually, homelessness. Amazingly, one thing he never suffered from was hopelessness.

Instead of allowing these setbacks to define him, Bonds utilized them to propel himself forward—earning a spot in the prestigious Suitland’s School for the Visual and Performing Arts in his teens, followed by a degree in Journalism from George Mason University. Among his various achievements, he became a gifted technology expert, providing skillful computer guidance to people needing support.

In recognition of his work with students and the performing arts, Bonds was awarded the prestigious Imagination Award for 2012 by the Imagination Stage, a theatre arts organization for young people. He is the author of Without Sight but Full of Vision, a memoir recounting how he overcame a childhood marked by blindness, abuse and abandonment.

Bonds exemplifies the philosophy that triumph and success are still possible, no matter the obstacle, with sufficient courage, creativity and determination to overcome the odds. His experiences and lessons will motivate you, both personally and professionally, to push the envelope, overcome any difficulty and ultimately, make the choices that will set you along the path to achieving your goals. Bonds is a must see keynote who will deliver a passionate “special surprise” for the audience, as he demonstrates what it truly means to overcome adversity—you will undoubtedly walk away inspired!