Legislative Briefing


ADDP's Legislative Briefing occurs on the first Tuesday of every month. Call participants consist of a group of provider representatives who have a focused interest in legislative advocacy, but may also discuss advocacy from the executive branch when dealing with proposed state and federal regulations. Members discuss legislation that has been filed within both the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including the annual budget for DDS, MRC and MassHealth services, and on the federal level, and advocates for legislative, regulatory and policy change to elected officials and members of other governmental entities to promote what is best practice for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and brain injuries, and for the human service providers who serve them.

**Special Call Info Time for April 14, 2021 (in place of April 13, 2021 meeting)**

VIDEO/Call In: +1(213)2505700 (1445247802#)

Regular Scheduled Call Info:

Meeting Call In: (312) 263-0281 (1486124821# )

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Committee Leaders

Michael Moloney
Jean Phelps
Chief Executive Officer
LifeLinks dba/CLASS

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