Contracts Accountant - Kennedy-Donovan Center - Foxboro, MA

The Contract Accountant is a key member of Kennedy-Donovan’s Centers, (KDC) contract team. The Accountant assists in maintaining our contractual relationship with our State Agencies and Municipality Funders. The contract activity will include execution, amendments, billing and managing of receivables to accomplish KDC and funder goals and objectives. This position involves judgment and analysis of questions and resolutions within State Agencies and Local guidelines and regulations.

Responsibilities: The Contract Accountant will prepare routine contract preparation, amendments and monthly billing. The accountant will maintain contract receivables and application of cash receipts. The Contract Accountant prepares responses for proposals, bids, contract renewals and modifications. The Accountant analyzes contract requirements, provisions, terms and conditions to maintain compliance with MA laws, funder regulations, KDC policies and procedures. The Contract Accountant assists with negotiations and all state and local contractual questions, reviews and utilization. The Accountant is a key member of the Contract Team for all communication with State and Local funders and program teams for resolution of contract issues, amendments and utilization.

Skills/Abilities: Basic to working knowledge of MA State Agencies contracting and funding. Ability to draft routine state and local contracts. Basic to working knowledge of MA funding agencies policies and procedures, coupled with the ability to follow KDC contract policies and procedures and assist on implementation procedures to others. Basic to working knowledge of MA Agency contract concepts, laws and regulations. Basic understanding of MA Uniform Financial Reporting, (UFR) preparation. Good analytical and communication skills. Good presentation, leadership and management skills. Emerging ability to excel in a finance team environment. The Contracts Accountant must interface with finance peers, program teams, funder individuals and mid-level KDC leadership.


  • Bachelor’s Degree with business emphasis or other degree plus 24 hours of business-related courses.
  • 1+ years of MA Agency contract or related experience
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Software and Accounting applications.

Physical Requirements:

  • Moderate travel required.
  • Ability to sit for extended time periods.
  • Frequent phone use required.
  • Ability to use computer.

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