Stands behind the philosophy of full integration in and of the community for people with disabilities.


Provides a unified voice for its members to the executive and legislative branches as well as other key policymakers and stakeholders.


The source of time-sensitive information and educational opportunities on issues related to the I/DD and brain injury fields.

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Legislators Honored With Paintings from Participant Artists The Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers announced on Tuesday an unprecedented focus on human services workforce efforts... more
The Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers, Inc. (ADDP) today announced that Senator Michael J. Rodrigues and Representative Josh S. Cutler have been selected as their 2020 Legislators... more

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officials are looking to "jump-start efforts" to move people with from institutions to comm…
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Disability Scoop @disabilityscoop
Dozens of children will be pulled from residential centers facing numerous sexual assault allegations after a six-w…
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Gary Blumenthal @GaryBlumenthal
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Gary Blumenthal @GaryBlumenthal
RT : Donald J. Trump: “Get rid of the ballots and you’ll have a very — we’ll have a very peaceful — there won’t be a tra…
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Gary Blumenthal @GaryBlumenthal
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Gary Blumenthal @GaryBlumenthal
RT : If we vote in large enough numbers, there will be a transfer of power all right. He’ll go petulantly screaming and…
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Gary Blumenthal @GaryBlumenthal
RT : Who’s ready to kick some NRA ass this November 🥰
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Gary Blumenthal @GaryBlumenthal
RT : I’m a former GOPer from the TarHeel state and I just proudly voted for a straight Blue ticket. I voted for…
5 hours 30 min ago

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